Vegas I Teach K! and TPT Conferences 2015

After talking about it for years, I am finally making my first blog post. Thank you to Kim Jordano for helping me with the process. I  am looking forward to sharing ideas that I use in my own kindergarten classroom.

I had the pleasure of attending the I Teach K! and the TPT Conferences in Las Vegas. I found some wonderful products at The Primary Techie. I bought even more stuff than it shows in the photo! Check out her stuff at  I was so excited to find these great products. 
I also got to hang out with fellow presenters/best friends Kim Adsit and Kim Jordano and made a new friend, Karen Stamp from Mrs. Stamps Blogspot
Kim Jordano and I were very excited to meet Janiel Wagstaff another fellow presenter and author of the Stella books and some great professional resources.

I was thrilled to meet Brandon who said he was a huge fan of mine and my resources. He made my night!  Kim Jordano and I attended a fantastic session by Rachelle Smith, Hope King and Michelle Oaks. They are the Superheroes of PowerPoint. I learned a lot!

Vegas wouldn't be Vegas without a night out on the town with fellow bloggers and friends. We saw some very interesting sights on the the strip.